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The 2016 Chevy Trax, then, is a car that I wanted to like when I first saw it, but which doesn’t fit into my life.

, a leading provider of regulatory reporting, trade matching and capital market data services, is among the first to be approved by the UK Financial Conduct Authority as an Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) for transaction reporting services under the Mi FID II regime.

Clients can quickly identify exceptions and data quality issues as well as view industry leading analytics and peer benchmarking reports.

Trax Insight is an enhanced service, streamlining your operational processes by managing your complete transaction flow through each component of the Trax product suite, including Match, Transparency and Report.

In light of increased compliance and regulatory burdens on the market, Trax offers even greater confidence and convenience in meeting regulatory and risk management obligations through Insight .

By leveraging Trax’s extensive expertise and developed in conjunction with our community of clients, Trax’s industry leading and flexible technology adapts to each firms’ needs to ensure trades are enriched with relevant data, validated for reporting eligibility and reported to National Competent Authorities.


Christophe Roupie, Head of Europe and Asia, Market Axess and Trax, commented, “The FCA’s approval of the Trax ARM marks an important milestone in the development of our Mi FID II reporting solutions.

Not every car is designed around the needs of a thirty-something semi-professional with a wife, a dog, and 2.5 kids- and that’s a truly great thing. That’s a pretty petty argument to make, but if you’re selling a car to “cyclists” then the car in question should be able to accommodate larger sports bottles in its cup holders, and the Trax simply cannot. And, in fairness, I do keep mine in a protective case that adds a few millimeters to its external dimensions, but the inability to accommodate one of industry’s most popular phone models in a supposedly “smart” car that’s being marketed to relatively well-off young, urban creatives is- it’s … It is a tiny car that is probably dependable and is an IIHS Top Safety Pick.


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