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When the Ministry introduces a marriage law and Harry and Ron leave to find Voldemort's Horcruxes, Hermione is left to face her final year at Hogwarts alone. *Cover image used from captbexx on deviantart*Hermione goes to St.

With Draco Malfoy as her appointed match, it will be a miracle if they don't kill each other, unless Voldemort kills them first, that is....she's going to want to read it. Mungo's to get help for a particular situation and gets a Healer she didn't expect.

Features our favorite bookworm, the love(s) of her life, and her beloved familiar (who narrates). She gave a last angry shriek before bolting towards the castle, causing Draco's smirk to instantly vanish when he caught sight of her tears. She just wants to know who her mother is, and why her father has kept it a secret her entire life. Red haired children playing in the front yard, strong arms holding her securely, and the laugh of the boy (man, he was a man now) she had secretly been in love with for almost 7 years. Narcissa has always been a very devoted wife and mother to her family and would happily grant them everything – and she means everything – they would want to have but of course, as a woman of high social standing, there are expectations that need to be met at all costs. How could they love each other if that was all true? Warning: complete and utter disrespect for the Canon, AU, Dramione, Fluff As a magical disruption in the time continuum occurs, three children are brought back to undo the wrongs of their future and prevent it from happening.

Belatedly realising that he may have gone too far this time, he tore off after her, frantically searching for her before he found her. Will she be able to learn that there can be a difference between the people who love her the most and the ones who realize what she wants for herself? Can Hermione, Draco, Harry, and Ron race against the clock to stop something which has yet to occur? There are missing pieces, like a giant puzzle without the edges.

Yo estoy intentando ir alli en un par de aos,mas que nada porque echo muchisimo de menos a mi familia. Yo tengo que ir pronto,toda mi familia materna es de alli y hace siglos que no nos vemos.

La verda que la gente del norte es muy simpatica y mas abiertos que en el sur. Besos Sara Por cierto como conseguiste trabajar en el after school club?



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