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while it’s still in the theaters (in effect voting for more such films), I want to say why I have been so mesmerized.


I had read and been told how Emma Thompson was influenced by it (and the depiction of Helen Schlegel) in her screenplay adaptation of Austen’s .

The butler, the housekeeper, Mr Stevens (Anthony Hopkins) and Miss Kenton (Emma Thompson).

Anthony Hopkins’s performance probably was the rivetting element which held it altogether.

The movie is long—well over 2 hours and an allusion to Rohmer in it alerted me to Philippe Claudel’s goal (he’s writer and director) to outdo Rohmer on his realistic ground.


This is another movie which proves that movies need not be superficial; that psychological and social portraiture can go as deep as any novel.

I was so deeply moved by the film’s end I burst into tears by the end and couldn’t stop crying.


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