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He admitted manslaughter with diminished responsibility Carol French, 73, (left) who was recovering from a stroke, was looking forward to getting better and going travelling around Europe when her husband Douglas strangled her.Michelle Giles (right) was stabbed to death when she tried to end her relationship with her alcoholic husband At an inquest into their deaths the coroner ruled that Carol had been unlawfully killed and said: 'I am satisfied that there is no convincing evidence that Carol wished her life to be ended at this time.' The privately-educated former British Airways manager was in the throes of leaving her intimidating partner of 30 years Mark Arthur when he stabbed her in the heart at their home in Gosforth, Newcastle.Lilima Akter Munny, 27, (right) was found dead in her home after failing to collect her children from school.Her husband Mohammed Liaqat Ali killed her after months of arguing over land in Bangladesh with her mother Shivani Kapoor, 35, (left) was strangled by her husband in a fit of rage on the day he was due to attend a disciplinary meeting after losing the bank he worked for millions of pounds.The killer of Linzi Ashton, 25, (right) was wanted for raping and assaulting her at the time of her murder.She had made a string of complaints against Michael Cope for domestic violence.



The coward does it with a kiss, the brave man with the sword.'Jane Wiggett, 57, was murdered by the husband she had divorced eight years earlier.

His motive for the brutal killing has never been revealed.


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