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It hadn't struck me until then that Femme is the older, curvier and more sophisticated sister of Feminite du Bois - the same combination of wood and plum, but Feminite du Bois seemed thinner and less generous than Femme.According to the notes on this site there are aldehydes in Femme, which I don't pick up at all, but thedry down is just sublime.

For me, this is "The Scent Of The Woman" - that's how the archetypal woman smells, when she is either completely nude - and/or - impeccably dressed Anyway, that's just how I think of Femme - a "fur coat & no knickers" type of perfume. I had an older bottle in the 1980's, (long gone), now I've only got a vintage mini, & the newer version. Femme is all of this and encapsulates every feminine quality.I think it's a perfume that has retained it's character & spirit quite well following reformulation. (I can't speak of the vintage, but the reformulation is a beautiful, beautiful scent---and I prefer it to other famous musky-peach perfume, Mitsouko.) Femme is so classicly dignified, sensual and utterly womanly.For EDT, Cresp's version, issued (based on batchcode) 2011., bottle with black top, the box with "Rochas" written in red letters right under "Femme" in the middle of the box: *LOVE (In my "top 5" for a very long time, regardless of changes in preferences.

Considering the fact that I usually have a problem with most of the fruits in perfumes, I find it fascinating.) *silage: arms lenght *longevity: long lasting (8 hours, generously aplied) *weather, time: For me, this is strictly colder weather scent, starting from late-autumn. Day, but works perfectly as seriously elegant night scent.The dryness of chypre notes is softened by the purple plum. After reading all the reviews that likened this fragrance to the smell of “german occupied Paris”, and the “fall of the tsar”, it was high on my list of must-tries. My vintage mini bottle probably dates from the 1980s.


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