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Sparkling wine is wine that has significant carbonation, which can occur as a natural part of the fermentation process or via carbon dioxide injection after fermentation.


(And maybe impress your girlfriend with a thing or two.).That’s because different grape varieties can be grown in a number of regions and “microclimates” using a wide range of winemaking methodologies that affect the final product.Try a glass of California Riesling after a dry German Riesling and you’ll see a difference.A full-bodied wine feels thick, coating the sides of the glass as you swirl. Say, “Give me something fruity and give me something earthy.” Or, “Give me a smooth red wine and a bold red wine.” Drinking them back-to-back will give you a good feel for what these terms mean.

In the wine world, you’ll inevitably hear a lot of discussion about “oak” or “oakiness” or “an oaky quality.” Oak flavor gets in your wine when it is either fermented or aged in oak barrels.

On the spectrum between red and white, rosé is much closer to the light side, with relatively low tannin.


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