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Below this government document is information published by the California based, Latino Advocates for Education, Inc.

Linda Aguirre identified FACT SHEET: LATINOS AND THE VIETNAM WAR By Frederick P.

This book, based on established and undisputed historical records, is a new attempt to bring out the whole truth, to make us realize how this nation really came into being.


Gonzales was digging out when he was shot and killed by sniper fire.Vicente Ramos, executive director of LULAC, said, But to ignore the whole of our history including the difficult struggles is to ignore the improvements that still need to be made. (3-16-07) The public has become aware of the omission of Latinos in THE WAR, a government funded project. In addition to the PBS exclusion of Latinos, let me also share two other examples of government produced reports which demonstrate misinformation by omission.


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