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There are literally hundreds of pages of stories to choose from so there's a nice archive and plenty to keep you going.IYou can filter them down by categories on the left hand side, so if you want to read college sex stories, easy click on the link and you'll get everything relating to that niche. If you're into interactivity, there is a forum and chat room to discuss the stories you've read and you can even submit your own written erotica if you are literary minded. Whether you are looking for gay porn sites or the most popular dating websites, you can always rely on the The Porn for the easiest great porn sites search.


The stories are all user submitted and they read really well.

Stories are our focus, including sex stories and erotica.

Storiesonline is the home of thousands of authors showcasing their erotic writing talents.

Asian Sex Stories, Blackmail and Humilation and Leslita are all collections that users have created of stories that will fill your needs.

There's also a search form on the homepage to search through stories and a drop down box in the top right where you can navigate the site to other pages like top downloads, writers resources and more.The refreshing difference about this story (for me at least) is that the protagonist tries to work with the government instead of being their target to control or destroy.


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    To limit women's contact with men as tradition, practices such as veiling and gender segregation at schools, work, and recreation have become common.

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